IBM Maintenance Services

Third Party IBM Maintenance

Its readily accepted that IBM machines are the only choice for serious business looking for high spec servers to manage their critical data.

Maintaining, supporting, servicing and monitoring your IBM machine is however often better performed by an independent IBM support & maintenance company due to the extra level of service that a smaller, more personalised company can offer.

The largest independent maintainer of IBM machines outside of IBM themselves is Bluechip, based in Bedford, who not only have their own carbon neutral server centres, but offer incredible levels of support and maintenance for on premises machines.

With a complete range of spares for iSeries, pSeries, xSeries & zSeries, all owned by Bluechip and held in stock in the UK, the company has the infrastructure to hold the necessary anticipated spares on site ready for implementation as and when required.

With comprehensive monitoring  software, Bluechip very often has engineers on route to remedy system faults and failures before the client is even aware of an issue.

With bespoke levels of service, agreed to suit your needs, you only ever pay for what you need, and the company ethos is to fix any issues you have regardless of the existing contract provision and to sort the paperwork out later.

As a business owner you need to know that you have the best protection in place to keep your critical systems up and running and your company operating. Bluechip work with you, to make sure that your IT doesn’t let you down.

The icing on the cake is that independent support is much more cost effective than IBM support, so in addition to the improvements in customer service level through bespoke service level agreements, you will also save significantly on your ongoing maintenance and servicing costs.