How To Choose Quality Solar Lighting

Choosing Garden Lighting

Advances in solar lights technology have improved illumination quality while making the lights cheaper to buy.

Usually, there is much less to be done by way of installation. Solar lighting is ideal for inaccessible and remote locations that don’t have a convenient 240 volt supply.

In the past few years solar technology has advanced quickly.

Using LED bulbs has simultaneously reduced the power required while increasing light levels. Solar lighting used to need substantial direct lighting in order to charge properly. Harvesting the suns energy has improved greatly. Solar technology is expected to continue to develop quickly.

Solar lighting comes in several different styles. Lanterns for wall mounting. Post mounted and hanging lanterns. A variety of different styles of fairy lights. Recessed design deck lighting. Solar security lighting with PIR motion sensors. Solar lights either contain an integrated solar panel or have a remote wired solar panel. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of solar generation.

Smaller panels tend to be used in integrated solar lighting, which then require more light for a longer period in order to work efficiently.

Lights with external panels are not limited by lamp size, so have larger panels, which can additionally be placed to catch maximum sunlight. Operational performance of solar lighting can easily be improved by replacing factory fitted rechargeable batteries with high quality ones which will hold a charge for longer.

Replacing these manufacturer installed rechargeable batteries with high quality replacements will give your solar lighting the best performance possible.

How to Get the Best from Solar Lights

For good light performance, the ideal location of your solar lights is vital. Direct sunlight is the best energy source for your solar lights, so try to position them so they receive maximum sun. The performance of your lights will be massively affected by the length of time they are exposed to light, so the less time spent in shady conditions the better.

Shade and shadows will reduce the lights performance so try to position your lights in unshaded locations. Battery and solar panel technologies are the two areas that will further improve solar lighting performance. Solar lighting sales are growing year on year.

Solar power is popular because it helps to reduce your energy costs as well as reducing your impact on the planets resources.